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Tax Services

Our Tax Services

Here at LeBlanc Scott CPA we offer personal taxes including preparation of T1 personal tax return, resolving disputes with the CRA, filing notice of objection and appeals, and personal tax planning.


We do corporate taxes including the preparation of T2 corporate tax returns, resolving disputes with the CRA including notice of objection and appeals, and tax planning services. Tax planning services include issues such as whether to incorporate, deferred tax roll-overs, multi-company corporate structures and owner renumeration strategies.

HST & Excise Tax including regular HST filing assistance with objections and appeals, audit support, the availability and filing of elections. LeBlanc Scott can also service your organizations treatment of HST accounting to help identify tax savings and potential areas of liability.

Additionally, we offer other tax services including T3 estate and family trust returns, as well as preparation of various information reading such as T4's (payroll) and T5's (dividends and interest).

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